Kaka Sungura Openly Shows Admiration For Avril


The Easter weekend was a buzz with activities and concerts as everyone sort to make the best of the long Easter weekend. Song bird and actress Avril Nyambura’s Nakuru Homecoming concert was one of the biggest event last weekend.

The concert saw a good number of local musician and comedians among other celebrities make their way to Nakuru to be part of this great event. Among then was Kaka Empire’s founder and musician Kaka Sungura who seems to have been won over by Avril’s concert and her success in the industry.

Kaka jotted down an amazing piece in respect to Avril, who is signed to his record label showing admiration and how proud of her he was for conquering the male dominated industry.

“In a male dominated industry, finding your way to the top of the chain can be a hustle trust me a Real one and I am not saying this Avril is with Kaka Empire but the amount of respect I have for this lady is unmeasurable. She has been at the top for years and we all know success is not being number 1 but by maintaining the spot and she has proven that for years. Yesterday was her Homecoming, the organization was perfect, the performances plus you could tell her set was the cream of the night , and the fact that she is a perfectionist sets her apart from all of them. Respect Respect Respect Respect . And of course everyone who came out , all the sponsors, all the artistes and the team behind the event, Kaka Empire and most importantly God. @theavieway
Ilikuwa Kubwaaaaaaaaaaa we made history. Asante Nakuru.”

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