Jubilee Party Twitter account has been hacked, with two users posting information on “how to make money online” from an undisclosed location.

The tweet with a video promises users an opportunity to make over $300 (Ksh30,000) a day.

“If you guys want to make $300+ a day sign up at Dailysurveys.coThey pay $150 for taking the first survey and $20-$50 for each survey after LINK IN THEIR BIO  , I tested the site out and I got my $150 bonus for the first survey,” reads the message posted on the account.

The hackers have gone ahead to retweet the message with the same account, tagging several account which Kahawa Tungu could not independently identify the owners.

By the time of going to press, the tweet had more than 22,000 comments in two hours, most of which are tags from the hackers.

Check out screenshot from the Twitter account.


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