Janet Mbugua Takes On A Big Role After Leaving Television


When she left television, it was not clear what former news girl Janet Mbugua’s move would be. She went sort of undercover for a while just involving herself awareness projects here and there.

Just a short while later and Janet has landed a bigger role of event hosting. Janet took on her first event hosting role at a recent Telkom Kenya launch in Kisumu and she seemed to enjoy her role.

“…it feels good to be back hosting events. I’d begun to shy away from that, perhaps given my season of transition. I just wanted to lay low but, as many of us know, God’s plans aren’t always our own. Here’s to embracing what’s in you. Because if you don’t you may miss out on the next amazing chapter of your life.” She posted on her social media explaining her new role.

We wish her all the best in her new endeavors

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