Janet Mbugua lands Lucrative Job after leaving Citizen


Rumors first suggested that Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua was leaving the station because of Jeff Koinange’s huge pay. Koinange came out to clear the rumors saying no one at Citizen is angry with his pay.

Turns out Janet was leaving for greener pastures.

According to Business Today, Janet has just landed a mega job with the Red Cross which is more paying and she will assume the role of communications and advocacy director at the Red Cross Kenya office based in South C, Nairobi.

This comes after rumors first suggested that Janet has already handed in her resignation letter and is serving a notice.

It’s not clear when she will start the job though.

“I can confirm that she’s joining Red Cross . But her exit has nothing to do with Jeff Koinange,” the website quotes a source.

Janet has been at Citizen TV since 2011.

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