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Jalango To Host Show With Jeff Koinange on Hot 96 After Exiting Radio Maisha


After speculation on whether Jalango would make a move to Hot 96 from Radio Maisha, his former co-host Alex Mwakideu finally revealed the truth. Jalango who co-hosted his show with Alex Mwakideu is said to have been offered a great deal and was left with no option but to move.

Alex Mwakideu and Jalango hosted the show Maisha Asubui together for four good years and developed such a great bond in and out of studio. Alex today wrote an emotional post after finally coming to terms that his co host that he has worked with  has moved on. The comedian will be hosting a show together with Jeff Koinange and Peaboy on Hot 96.

“Imenichukua wiki nzima kukubali hali halisi kwamba kakangu hakika hayuko nami tena kikazi. Miaka minne Pamoja sio mchezo!
Kwakheri ndugu yangu. Kutoka moyoni mwangu, nakutakia kila la heri . Mwenyezi Mungu akuongoze katika njia zako zote daima dawama.
Cc @jalangoo

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