Jaguar forced to respond after allegations that a man was killed in his rally


Singer Jaguar has responded to news that a man was killed in his rally after grabbing money the singer handed out.

Charles Kanyi aka Jaguar, who has declared that he will vie for Starehe MP in the August 8 General Election, was campaigning in Ziwani area on Saturday and gave out an unknown amount of money to a group of youths.

Sources said the man was killed by a mob while fighting for the money. According to one of the group members grabbed the money and ran away with others pursuing him. The man was later found dead.

Police will question Jaguar over the alleged death.

Jaguar denied the allegations saying that he was that he neither toured the Ziwani area nor did he offer money to any particular group of people.

“I was told that the man died at 7:30pm in an area where I never even set my foot in so there’s no way that story is related with me. What we did we went to give out car wash machines not money and I was out of the place by 5:30pm so you see these are mere propaganda because how can you grab the said money at 5:30PM then get killed two hours later?. ” he said in an interview.

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