Two months after dropping Bora Uhai featuring Khaligraph Jones, Willy Paul has dropped yet another collabo this time featuring Jamaican artist Badgirl Cecile.

When Willy dropped Bora Uhai, some of his fans claimed that Willy Paul wasted time and energy to produce the song.

Read it here:

Willy Paul’s new song trashed by fans, called a waste of time and money

This time again the case is the same. Hours after dropping the song ‘Sikireti’ the fans have shown disgust over the song saying it sounded like a remake of his controversial song ‘Digiri’.

Most of the lyrics have just been copy pasted from his song. Fans complained saying that the song is a defination of trash, others claiming that he is a lost soul.

Check out their reactions below:

Trending issuesAyo

Hii ngoma ni ya ufala…lazima angerudia song…truth be said

trends africa tv

Iko inje mbaya hii nayo niusenge kaa unaamini ivo gonga like we expected something bigger than this poze this not ur class waaah….


Nani amedownload hii ngoma anitumie nidelete..


Hii song iko down na si aty oooh…lambo na degree mago tango nkt….if u agree with me hit a like tukisonga

Paul Wanyoike

I thought finding x in school was confusing till I watched this song 😂😂

Musyoka David

Ukieza kuwa tao unachezesha hii ngoma kwa phone alafu uwekelee hio simu chini kwa street ngoma ikiimba bado, wallahi kanjo wanakushika juu ya kutupa takataka. Trash music tu

sky vee

This song is malwedhed😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌♿♿♿♿

joan samantha

Am not judging, but this is a lost soul

alkalinees seeevic

Nkt view ya nmeiwaste kuview hii ujinga,,kila sku n degree,,..ka ukusoma pambana na hali yako

Benja Manyara

Like kama unajua hii ngoma willy ameirudia na unataka atoe ngoma mpya .

Brighton Mengo

Apa nimechoma tu bundles walahi majamaa…kama pia wewe umechoma bundles gonga like tujuane…


Sikireti Hehee…,Kenyan music is dying for real Let’s give chance to upcoming artists now😎😎😎

Prince Newton

OK I don’t know how this collaboration happened but ata yesu alisamea Malaya so for me I am not here to criticize this young man but willy this is not the way to do it I expected something world class something massive but to be honest Hii song imekataa🔥Alafu stop repeating yourself in every song you do willy be creative I believe in you boy💯.

steve biko zaja

Wacha uongo eti Heaven Material na Rambo kanambo, 😂😂😂😂alafu ngoma zako siku hizo ni TBT ya ngoma za kitambo kwa lines ziliisha ata kwa bible?

Lilliprettie Kasupuu

Ideas Ziliisha Hadi Hana Cha Kuimba Tena…Willy Kindly Shikana Na Shikwekwe aka Vera sidika musaidiane na ma-idea za kutunga nyimbo coz ata yeye sio mchache😊😊😊

Majorkey TV Trendings

wish cicile was alone on this beat😠willy paul unachomaa…

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