Is Davido Attacking Diamond Platnumz Indirectly?

Davido and Diamond
Davido and Diamond

Looks like there is trouble in paradise. Davido seems to be very bitter after he lashed out at an unknown person on twitter calling him a “bastard’ and a’ broke fool’. Looking at Davido’s reaction, it is clear that he really bitter about someone forcing him to take the war to twitter. He dropped some really harsh comments with no apologies which has left everyone wondering whether this “someone” is Diamond Platnumz.

The unclear beef is said to have started late last year after Davido went hard on Channel O Music awards and Big Brother, as he termed their judgement bias after Nigeria did not away with any award leaving Tanzania at the top. And with this, Davido ended up  saying “N they cheat again”  forcing Diamond to react.

Here is what Diamond Platnumz had to say weeks after Davido’s comments “Instead of artists being role models and agents of unity, bringing our countries together to build a strong, prosperous peaceful continent, Africa. We are the first to instigate hate and regionalism. In this manner are we really building Africa? What is our fate? Continuing divide and rule inherited from the colonial era… Anyway, Happy Independence day Tanzania….. ( Badala ya wasanii kuwa ndio Mfano bora wa kuweka karibu Nchi zao na kujenga Africa yenye upendo na Amani…eti wao ndio Wanakua chanzo cha Kutenganisha nchi zao…Namna hii kweli tutajenga Africa? Anyway, Happy Independence day Tanzania….)

Well after this statement, Davido took to his twitter handle, and this is what he had to say.Screenshot

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