Incase You’ve Been Wondering Why Babu Owino “Mugabe Of UON” Has Not Cleared Campus Here Is Why


Babu Owino, who has long been criticized for not finishing school and being SONU’s chairman for over 6years, led to people nicknaming him the Mugabe of University Of Nairobi.

Paul Ongili Owino joined UON in 2008 when he enrolled to pursue a degree in Actuarial Science, he then graduated in 2012 with first class honors. Then he enrolled for yet another degree in law.

Seems like people have been questioning his academic prowess and wondering why he is still in school. Well, the now ODM flag bearer for Embakasi East parliamentary seat, took it to social media flaunting off his academic certificate in response to all the critics.

“Incase you feel like doubting my academic prowess and keeping on asking why I do not clear campus,there you go. My first degree in actuarial science which is ranked number one degree course in the world. I also have 4 diplomas and I’m a lawyer in the making.#jaluojeuri.tibim” Babu wrote.

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