Ian Mbugua and His Grandchild Are Goals (Photos)


Ian Mbugua or judge Ian as known by many has always been perceived to be a mean and inconsiderate person manly from the harsh way he used to judge during the TPF shows. Judge Ian who became famous after the reality show Tusker Project fame never minced his words when it came to giving comments after the shows contestants performed. Because of that many grew to despise him even in real life.
Away from the public eye, judge Ian is a family man who cherishes every moment he gets to spend with them. The judge through welcomed a grand daughter a few years ago ans since then he cannot stop sharing photos of the little girl.
Ian seems to be bonding a lot with his grandchild and the two do spend a lot of quality time together. Judging from all the play dates these two have and from the photos he posts online the two seems to have immense love for each other. Check out some pictures collected from his Instagram page, so lovely.



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