Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, the CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board is a man of many faces. The self proclaimed morals prefect of the nation may be a man to admire considering the level he has raised to in society. However, it seems it was not easy and recently, Bishop Allan Kiuna’s TV preaching seems to have triggered memories his journey took and as he narrates the story on his Facebook page, times were not always easy.

In a long post, Dr. Mutua emotionally explained how he drowned in his own tears after listening to the summon and remembered his own story. “I don’t know why, but the sermon took me down memory lane – the hardship of my early childhood, the pain of growing up in a broken home, the missed opportunity in life when I was young simply because I didn’t have rich parents or a mentor. I remembered how I came to Nairobi for further studies and how one day I was so broke and hungry, I entered Jack & Jill supermarket and ate bread and drunk milk without paying. The tellers and watchmen accosted me and started beating me. I shouted at them to stop beating me for I was “a child of a very senior person.” I demanded to see the manager or the owner of the place. When a nice looking Muhindi came I told him my story and that I was genuinely hungry. I told him that I had a great future and that one day I will not only shop in his place and pay, but that will probably buy the entire shop. He ordered that I be served whatever I wanted and be let to go“, Dr. Mutua narrated.

For some young people, Jack and Jill supermarket may not ring a bell but it was a name as big as Nakumatt back in the days and while Dr. Mutua may not have bought the supermarket, he is indeed in a position to.

A lot of people in society indeed pass through a tough path to make it and for some of us who are always on social media, it is key to remember a lot of people just post the good side of things, they rarely tell you the bad times.

If Mutua made it, so can you! Have a positive day!

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