“I stay up all night everyday with my son”- Zari Hassan recounts the great efforts of parenthood


Everyone gets really excited once they become a parent, weather it is the first second or even fifth child because children are a blessing. Being a parent, I know that the hardest part of parenthood is raising the child after it is born. The first few months require great effort especially from the mother of the child since the birth of the child is usually followed by several sleepless nights and fatigue.

Diamond Platinum’s wife Zari Hassan gave birth to her fifth born in December last year.  Her new born son, Prince Riaz is barely two months old now. Anyone would easily think that Zari is not going through a lot since she has nannies to help her raise her child and her in laws too. However she has just disclosed the struggles she goes through as she continues bringing him up.


Zari and her son

Zari took to her social media to motivate other moms who might be undergoing the struggles of motherhood by sharing the post below.

“With all the help in this house from the maids & grannies I still stay up with my son till he sleeps. It’s hard work being a mom usually with less or no sleep at all but hey, it’s the most beautiful thing ever. Some prolly think ‘arrghh she sleeps and lets her nanny do the work, wrong I stay up all night every other day. What a job?!!! Just a Lil motivation for other moms. Ur not alone? & you, rock coz late nights ain’t for the weak?.” She wrote

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