“I Said Yes!” Anerlisa Muigai Shows Off Her Diamond Engagement Ring


You would expect a child born in a wealthy family to be spoilt and lazy, well most are. I know of a few young adults who have rich parents and think their parents money is theirs. Such kids never work for their own, you’ll find that all they do is buy expensive cars, booze, latest designer clothes, travel across the world with their parents money.

For one Anerlisa Muigai who is Keroche Breweries CEO’s daughter it’s all a different story. Despite being born into a rich family, this young woman has worked hard for her money. The 29 ear old Anerlisa is currently a CEO of her own company and boasts of huge deals.

Tabitha Karanja raised a woman of virtue in her and taught her well when it comes to business. Anerlisa who has been dating for 5 years now revealed some great news to her followers when she posted a photo of her engagement ring. In a Facebook post she reveals how happy she was when he went down on one knee which she thought would never happen.

You can also never rush a man into marrying you. I used to wonder why he was taking so long to propose yet I thought I had everything he needed but trust me there is something deeper a man look for in a woman. Patience is a virtue. She wrote

The ring looks gorgeous and judging from the photo it must have cost an arm and a leg. Congratulations Anerlisa

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