Female rapper Kush Tracey lost her virginity at 19 years.During a Q&A session on instagram Kush opened up when a fan asked her if she has ever had sex before.

Kush Tracey dated singer Timmy Tdat a while back before they broke up in a nasty drama.Timmy claimed that a renown politician ‘sliced’ him her lover that resulted into a physical fight between the politician and Timmy.

Timmy Tdat seemingly moved on after he was rumored to be dating singer Dela.Kush Tracey however confessed that she was single during the Q&A session on instagram.

When Kush asked of she still loves Timmy Tdat, Kush went on saying;

Mungu alisema tupendane,”

However, Kush dodged a question asked if she can date Timmy again.


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