“I Know Who Killed Jacob Juma” Boniface Mwangi Claims


Today the country woke up to the sad news of businessman Jacob Juma’s death after he was shot by guys who trailed him on a motorbike and escaped. Police reports say that nothing was stolen from his car which is at Karen police station which point to a possible hitman case.

Earlier this year Juma tweeted how Jubilee leaders including the DP were planning on having him killed for engaging himself in political cases. Jacob Juma was known to have some vital information about the Euro-bond saga more reason as to why he was killed. After the news of his death spread through the country controversial activist Boniface Mwangi tweeted that he had an idea of the people behind Jacobs death.

The tweet sparked different types of emotions from Kenyans some of whom advised him to stay away from political cases for his own safety and that of his family. Here is a screenshot of his tweet!


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