Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby has come out to explain why she isn’t dating.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni, the model explained that she won’t stand her mother’s reaction after revealing to her the man she would be dating.

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“I don’t know how she would react when she realizes I am dating. That was just crushing and I moved on. I am not seeing anyone at the moment because I think in my state, it is not easy to find a man who is genuine because most men want to be associated with my mum’s wealth.

‘I have never been in a serious relationship because I fear my mum, who still thinks that we are young and she does not want us to follow her path of getting children at an early age, as she did,” Rue stated.

Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby

Rue webt on saying that growing up under disciplinarian wasn’t an easy thing as her mother, Akothee was so rough to them.

“My mum was very rough and wanted us to be so disciplined. We did not start at the peak and we were hustlers from scratch, and she (Akothee) taught us to respect people. There was a time I even disagreed with her because I felt that she was discriminating us by favouring some of us. Like for me, I needed her attention, which she was not giving to me.” She said.

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