‘I Don’t Hate My Daughter I Love Her,’ Mike Sonko Tears Up Speaking About Saumu (Video)


A positive father-daughter relationship can have a huge impact on a young girl’s life and even determine whether or not she develops into a strong, confident woman.

Nairobi senator, Mike Sonko, recently became a grandfather after his eldest daughter, Saumu Mbuvi gave birth to a baby girl, on 10th March 2017. Saumu took to Instagram to share her joy, she posted;

“My daughter ,my love,my little angel ,my princess. You don’t know the joy u have brought in my life .You are an angel sent from above .you have filled my life with so much happiness”

Mike Sonko has for a while now been rumored to have been the cause of Saumu’s break up with her baby daddy, Benson Gatu. However, in a recent video, the Nairobi Senator, professed the great love he has for his daughter.

“I love my granddaughter. I have no problem with my daughter. I love her and I am going to love her more. Relationship wrangles are a normal thing, they are there. I cannot discredit my daughter because she gave birth out of wedlock. I love my daughter,” he said.

The Senator then went ahead to state he has no issue with his daughter’s ex;

“I hold no grudge against, Gatu. In fact, the other day I went to campaign for Benson Gatu in Mathioya, he is vying for Mathioya Parliamentary seat. I do not hold any grudge against him. I love him, I like him and I am wishing him all the best in his political endeavor.”

If you were wondering about what’s next for Saumu after giving birth, the Senator said;

“A few months into motherhood, she will enroll for her Master’s program, later for a PhD. Saumu is a very clever daughter. I won’t talk anything negative about her. Saumu, you will be a successful journalist”

Watch the video below:


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