Rev. Kathy Kiuna of JCC has come out clean to defend herself from claims that her lifestyle is too lavish for a preacher.

Speaking to Richard Quest in a programme dubbed ‘World Of Wonders’, the preacher said that God called out Christians to live well.

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“If you do not know me, of course, you will say things about me. You can be well off, but that does not mean that one cannot be humble. I think I am a very humble human being, but I believe that God has called us to live life and live it well. I would like the church to grow; I would want it to grow to 80, 000 or 100, 000 followers,” she said.

She went on setting the record straight saying;

‘I am not hurt by claims that my lifestyle is too lavish for a preacher,” Rev. Kathy said.

Watch the interview below;


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