Music in Kenya has come a long way from when the artist would gladly perform for free or for 500 bob for fare back home. The industry has morphed into a cash cow of sorts for a good number of people with the artists being last in line to receive their fruits.

Artists now have multiple streams of monetizing their music. Playback tunes, Royalties, appearance fees and performances. Playbacks and Royalties have always been a great bone of contention but safaricom helped streamline the playback revenue distribution quagmire.

What was left is the royalty question. When an artist like Nyash is receiving slightly above 20k after his music is blasted by every media house, matatus ans businesses who are all paying, one wonders exactly how sustainable it for musicians ans how the bodies tasked with revenue collection go about their job.

A list of how collections were distributed has surfaced and it leaves more questions than answers when Sauti Sol are paid less than Kshs 10,000 and The Kansoul take home Kshs 6,000.

Here is how much your artists got paid.

How right this is, you be the judge.

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