Holy Dave Viciously Defends His Sister Joey Muthengi After She Was Called Ratchet

Holy Dave and Joey Muthengi

Gospel artist David Muthengi, popularly known as Holy Dave, may look soft spoken and humble but don’t let this fool you, he is a savage.

A few days ago, a curious fan tweeted HD, as he is popularly known, to ask him what he feels about his sister Joey Muthengi hosting a ratchet show.

For those not in the know, Joey stood in for Willis Raburu last Friday as the host of 10 over 10 since the latter was feeling unwell – so we were told.

10 over 10 is not a Christian show and one fan sought to inquire what Holy Dave, who hosts a gospel show, feels about his sister.

As expected and because blood is thicker than water, the singer decided to side with his sister saying he’s happy they are both employed.

He didn’t stop there. Holy Dave asked the fan is doing at the moment now that he’s asking about other people’s sisters.

Here is the tweet:

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