Hilarious Throwback Photo of Huddah and Shix Kapienga


If anyone met Huddah like 5 years ago and and met her right now, words would fail them. Truly Huddah has come from far and no matter the means people she has used to get to where she is she has used her brains  too.

Most socialites of these days are just concerned with Instagram likes and a few thousands to keep them going. Huddah travels to the best places in the world in the most expensive airlines, drives state of the art cars and lives in a posh place.

Hot 96 presenter Shix Kapienga decide to show us just how her she and Huddah have come from. From the days of old ratchet days o now I say Huddah has seen it all. For Shix, coming from the “ghetto” to her has never been a big deal, she has however also risen to the top and now hosts on Hot 96.

Check out the photo below and be the judge


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