Hilarious Reactions From Kenyans After Uhuru Was Spotted Drinking Keg


Kenyans on social media went crazy after President Uhuru was pictured enjoying a glass of Senator Keg in Kisumu.

The president was accompanied by Ruto, Kisumu Central MP Mr Ken Obura.

They were visiting the East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL) plant being setup in Kisumu. The plant will apparently cost Sh15 Billion, hoping that in 2 years time it will create job opportunities for 1,500 youths in Kisumu at the same time promote cassava farmers from the Nyanza counties.

Every one knows that Kenya is a drinking nation and Uhuru was only leading by example.

Some netizens criticized him while others applauded him. A little Senator Keg has never hurt anybody.

The lady behind the counter apparently offered the President a sip but the head of state told her to ‘ongeza.’

He grabbed the mug with his left hand and swallowed several gulps of the brew amid laughter from those who had accompanied him.

Read reactions below,

Mike Muturi:Barack Obama and Uhuru Kenyatta have lots of things in common besides being both left handed.They are both great leaders who have steered their countries to great heights of prosperity.Cheers….

Solomon K Kimani: UHURU lazima akunywe..mwanaume ni pombe maji achia indian ocean.

Mukurima X Muriuki:Uhuru was in a public function today,Opening a brewery….he did not do it in private.

Maina David Karanja:What is wrong with him drinking??does it even matter?alawe asilewe wont make me stop supporting him.

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