Hilarious! Kenyans Embark on The Millie Odhiambo Challenge


Millie Odhiambo the Mbita MP really loves attention and controversy, she has always been on the front line in championing for the rights of  children, youth and women. Just recently through her Facebook page she revealed how much she loves sex and asked guys not to judge her since it’s God who invented it.

The ODM legislator broke the internet a few hours ago after uttering unimaginable insults to the President. She and a few other MPs mad their way to parliament to try stop their Jubilee rivals from making amendments to the election law.

Millie was spotted walking along parliament barefoot and Kenyans being Kenyans decided to make fun out of it and do the Millie Odhiambo challenge. Comedian Chipukeezy was also not left behind in the hilarious challenge. Here are a few photos we gathered from the internet.

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