“She Was My Highschool Sweetheart”, President Uhuru Kenyatta Reveals How He Met His Wife


Yesterday Sunday the 23rd, the Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta went Live on Facebook for a chance to interact with his citizens. The purpose of the live session was for people to get to spend time with their president as well as get to know him better.

As if to read many people’s minds, one of the netizens decided to ask a question many have been curious aboout for the longest time and that included Uhuru’s biggest fan and supporter, his wife the 1st lady of Kenya.

The power couple is so much in sync and they support each other in their endevor. To answer the question on how he met his wife, Uhuru shared about his first encounter with his wife and that he still sees her girl he met back in the days.

Read his response below;

“This is an interesting one. How did I meet the First Lady? Well, when I met her, she wasn’t the First Lady; she was just another wonderful, beautiful girl. Let me say that I first met her brother. Her brother and I were in secondary school together and we became friends.  And through him, I managed to meet his younger sister. And we started off a relationship that has lasted from high school until now. So, for all of you, who you meet today as a friend and as a partner, could be your First Lady tomorrow. So, I still see her as the girl I met in high school, not the First Lady .”

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