Here’s Why Churchill Show Was Pulled Off Air


Every Sunday evening, at about 8:00 P.M Kenyans’ favorite family comedy show, Churchill Show, airs live on local television channel NTV. Yesterday, the program didn’t run as usual when it was abruptly pulled off air, with NTV opting to run a documentary and adverts in place of the show.

Apparently, the never before seen move was sparked by an explicit bicycle joke by Churchill comedian , Jasper and another unruly joke by Zeddy.

Kenyan Film Classification Board, CEO, Ezekiel Mutua immediately took to Facebook to express his disgust with the show. He said;

“A stupid, horrible prank on Churchill Show. An unfortunate idiotic and foul drill, totally in bad taste, lacking in imagination and possibly the evidence of the beginning of the end of an era. That prank, plus the meru-accent-laden village wag’s ‘dirty’ talk disguised as bicycle ride is against the Programming Code for Free-to-air radio and television services in Kenya,”

Ezekiel Mutua, CEO at Kenya Film Classification Board

Ezekiel Mutua didn’t stop at that and continued to say;

“This is a family show and it airs during the watershed. To try and popularize it through cheap sex talk is a breach of the law and betrayal of trust of the program’s family audiences. Any celebrity who makes money by pushing dirty content to corrupt the moral values of our children is no better than the politicians looting our country. Its impunity and it’s wrong!”

In the wake of various outbursts by angry Kenyans across the country, Daniel Ndambuki a.k.a Mwalimu King’ang’i has since apologized, taking full responsibility of the error, while requesting Mutua to pull down his post. After accepting Daniel Ndambuki’s apology and request to pull down his former post, Ezekiel Mutua has promised to issue necessary sanctions on the show to ensure the mistake is never repeated again.

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