Here’s The Kenyan Super Couple That Made 12 Million In A Day, You Will Be Jealous!


A super Couple is a duo made up of two individuals who bring something to the table, they learn from each other, support one another and most important of all, build together.

A couple that makes their money together definitely stays together! This Kenyan athlete duo, Paul Lonyangata and Purity Rionoripo recently made a memorable family day out in the French Capital, Paris, as Paul won the 41st Paris marathon and Purity separately bagged her win in the women’s race.

The couple each bagged themselves at least 6.3 million ($63,000) for the race. The two were later spotted celebrating their victories, as Paul humbly knelt down presenting a bouquet of flowers to his wife.

If this isn’t what the definition of a power couple is, then I don’t know what is.

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