So I was in the middle of work and listening to some music and I get a WhatsApp message from Size 8 with a YouTube link. I open it on my phone, I did not read the caption so after the first few lines of the song, I sit up and rewind. This is a song so good, it was hard to believe it is Size 8. I double check, triple listen and it actually is her voice!

Hands down, this is the best worship song made in Kenya! Size 8’s new song, Holy Holy is an amazingly written and done song. As I write this, it is playing on my computer for the third time because I have longed so long for this quality of worship music from a Kenyan artist. Deep, sincere and purely gospel – not for show, not made for a stage performance but pure submission to the purpose of worship! I am super proud of Size 8 and her salvation journey. Meanwhile, press play as you read on:

Size 8 Reborn formerly sang secular music and even after her gospel transformation, many people doubted she would stick to the journey and a lot of people claimed she moved to gospel because her husband is a gospel DJ. Many people took it as a commercial transformation. I will be honest, I did have my doubts too. Her first song as a gospel artist, Mateke did not resonate with me too well and it did not help when she did a few collabos with Willy Paul, all of which sounded more like love songs as opposed to being songs of praise.

I started viewing Size 8 differently when she released “Afadhali Yesu” a song that portrayed maturity in her faith, full dependency on Christ and an encouragement for a lot of people. My 5 year old daughter Zoe introduced me to the song from her YouTube playlists and honestly, it’s been one of my favorite Kenyan songs for a long time.

While Linet’s journey in her faith has been consistent, it is evident that she is really in a maturity stage and this song “Holy Holy” goes to purely prove that!

I love the song, I love that she took time to make a seriously good song that does not even fit in the hype that is the Kenyan music business. This is one of those songs that you know the artist was fully inspired, did not care that it will not give her shows or any further fame but whoever listens to the song will reconnect with their inner self and rededicate themselves to their faith and God. I am personally touched and blessed by this song. I hate to say this, but this is by all means the highest standard in Kenyan worship music and I am happy to know Linet.

As I conclude, you are allowed to listen like I have, over and over. To Size 8, thanks for this and keep the good work on. We need more of this! Pure love!

Disclaimer: This is a personal review by the founder, David Mugo. I have been a keen observer of Size 8s journey into Christianity and Gospel music and my comments about this might be more of the journey than then song but honestly, it is all triggered by this song.

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