Gloria Muliro’s Husband Takes To Facebook Confessing Love While Seeking Forgiveness


On Friday The Standard did a a spread on gospel musician Gloria Muliro’s marriage woes. They went int o excruciating detail on what has been transpiring behind closed doors and pain masking smiles from the’Sitolia” crooner. Allegations of infidelity were hurled, financial impropriety was alleged, mistreatment of all sorts was also put on public record on a news paper with an international readership.

I am yet to see someone telling Eric’s Side of the story, or is it that it has not been sensationalized enough? The Pastor took to facebook to issue a blanket apology and explanation of his marital woes. Citing God’s abilities, he looks forward to resolving issues with Gloria who he claims to love and would remarry her a million times if ever necessary.

Here are screen grabs from the pastor’s Facebook page.

Gloria Muliro Husband


Gloria Muliro Husband

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