‘Girl Come Back To Reality’ Better Living’s Kobi Kihara Gives Side Chicks A Piece Of Advice


In this era, man-sharing isn’t a phenomenon. I don’t know what’s more embarrassing between being the ‘main chick’ or the ‘side chick’.

Well it seems Ntv’s Better Living host, Kobi Kihara, can’t stomach side chicks. Kobi who is an adamant fan of American political thriller television series, Scandal, took to her Instagram handle to give side chicks some advice.

“Girl….come back to reality even if this quote is based on fiction…listen, just attempt to land darling and face your truth…love you, value you, spend time with you and appreciate you…then find real love meant for you, that life ain’t real, Olivia Pope ain’t real…but the words are??? #DontBeASideChick #WatchingScandal #DontMessWithCoventants,” she wrote.

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