Diamond has made his mark in the African music industry. He’s done a great job of building his present financial base and securing the future with a horde of artists signed to his Wasafi Records Label which guarantees him major returns in future as they keep growing.

All this success in a span of 28 years is definitely worth the celebration and what better way to appreciate oneself than by getting a brand spanking new home that befits the status that he’s acquired?

The house sits in affluent neighborhood and has the trappings to boot. From a swimming pool ro to a parking lot that can hold in excess of 10 cars as shown in the video.

The father of three is not sparing any expenses given that he has set aside an entire wing to house his home studio.

Set on three levels, the house will have a roof top bar overlooking an open lounging area.

So impressive is the house that his entourage seemed more excited than himself with guarantees of future video shoots being done from there.

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