From Grass to Grace the Ainea Buteta Way


Not many of us are able to become millionaires overnight but for 70-year-old Ainea, he went from being just another traditional herbalist to being named winner of the just concluded Bonyeza Ushinde courtesy of Safaricom mobile service provider.

The old but really active Buteta explained that he was going about his day in the shamba as usual trying to fend for his 18 children from 3 wives when the life-changing call came through. On receiving the news he said he almost passed out from the adrenaline rush. I can’t begin to imagine how he felt.

Ainea travelled from Bungoma County to Nairobi where he was feted on Wednesday by Safaricom Kenya for participating tirelessly. The newest millionaire received a hefty amount of KES. 5,000,000 and a brand new Isuzu single cabin pickup.

With the kind of negativity associated with the month of January, Ainea is definitely one lucky Kenyan. Congratulations are in order!

(Photo and video courtesy of Citizen TV)

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