Forget Vera Sidika, Khaligraph Jones Becomes Light Skinned And Kenyans Can’t Handle It


Some call it toning, others brightening or lightening but all these words refer to one thing skin bleaching. Bleaching has become a growing phenomenon common among celebrities.

Socialite Vera Sidika bleached her skin and she wasn’t apologetic about it despite harsh criticism from her fans and other Kenyans in general.

Well another celebrity recently emerged looking more light skinned than ever.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones recently appeared for an interview on the Trend and Kenyans on the internet were amazed at the rapper’s new light skin tone. And the reason for his new hue, water, and I kid you not when I say this.

Explaining the reason behind his new skin color, during the interview, Jones said that his life had changed, water is cleaner, he has better food to eat, more money and is not out in the sun too much.

Well Kenyans are a hard lot to lie to. They can sniff a liar from miles away and trust Kenyans to poke fun into anything. Checkout some of their reactions below;

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