Forget About ‘Mungu Nipe Nyonyo’, Another Gospel Artist Promotes Her Song In A Bikini


An up and coming wannabe gospel singer sparked controversy with his song ‘Mungu Nipe Nyonyo’, which was heavily criticized by a huge number of people, who also trolled him silly. ’Mungu Nipe Nyonyo’ attracted a lot of public attention when the video was released recently although the song was produced a few years ago. Social media went berserk, the general public bayed for his blood while KFCB threatened to crack the whip on the artist, SBJ. However, the singer defended his ‘rubbish’ saying that it is drawn from God’s word in 1 Peter 2:2(Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk,so that by it,you may grow up in your salvation).

In another similar instance, a female Ugandan gospel singer has attracted quite a substantial amount of hate and criticism on social media after promoting her gospel song for an award in a scanty bikini. Yes, bikini! Sarah MusayiMuto is a Ugandan gospel singer who is currently the subject of a heated online troll, flaunted her curves in a sexy bikini as she asked her fans to vote for her gospel song dubbed, ’Gwensinza’ for the Hipipo Best Religious Song Award.

The singer posted the bikini photo on her Instagram account ,accompanied with a special request for votes.’’VOTE Gwensinza As Best RELIGIOUS song Kindly take one minute to Vote Every Vote counts and Appreciated Thanks.’’ She posted.


According to most social media users who picked issue with her, Sarah will not receive any votes even with her advance ‘generous bribe’.

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