Fitness Coach Jane Mukami Mourns Brothers Death


Jane Mukami has really come through for many Kenyan women who needed that push to start off their fitness journey. Commanding a huge following on social media Jane Mukami gives healthy tips on how to kick start your fitness journey and what to do to maintain it.

Yesterday Jane broke the shocking news of her brother death on Facebook after he took his own life. According to the post she put up , her brother who was only 28 an  EX- us military was suffering from psychological issues for a while. Despite numerous please to the US Embassy and the Kenyan Embassy i DC to have him flown back home nothing was done and after 12 moths of isolating himself from the family he committed suicide.

“My heart bleeds with sadness, but I’m more angry than sad. My brother committed suicide a few hours ago…he was 28 years old Ex-US military. I’m angry because ever since we discovered he had potential psychological issues we reached out on numerous occasions to the VA, Cobb County police, The Kenyan Embassy in DC, The US Embassy in Nairobi…everyone we possibly could asking for help. We needed their help because Stephen cut the family off the last 12 months and refused to communicate with us…he lived in total isolation. He constantly texted about killing himself, I showed these texts to the police as i begged them to check him into rehab or do anything that would help get him back on track…all I got back was
“Sorry ma’am unless he does something drastic, there is nothing we can do”
“He is an adult we cannot force him”
“Unless he takes himself to get help we cannot be of help”
1 thing i know for sure is that had we found a way of getting back to Kenya, he would still be alive. So now I ask America, Was him committing suicide drastic enough for you? I no longer have a brother, mom Mary Kingatua and Eddy no longer have a son, and all because laws didn’t ‘allow’ us to step in and help. Rest In Peace Mitu…I’m sorry we failed you.
She wrote

Condolences to Jane and her entire family.

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