Female Gospel Artist Defies Odds And Proposes To Boyfriend


Gone are the days when women would sit around and wait for their significant others to pop the big question when they dim fit. Now a good number though not common are brave enough to propose to their boyfriends especially when they think they are taking long.

Gospel artist Sarah Nanaa has left many dumb founded after going on one knee and proposing to her long time boyfriend. The two were to get married two years ago in 2015 but the wedding was canceled last minute after the groom would be was busted cheating with the bride’s best friend.

Time truly heals as the two are now set to get married yet again. The gospel artist talked about the proposal in an interview with Grace Kerongo.
“Yeah I popped the question and he said, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’, It is a high time we start being ourselves instead of complaining, take the initiative as a lady… I didn’t see the big deal in waiting for him to do so and I know we both genuinely love each other ”

Wishing the two nothing but happiness as they work towards getting marriage.

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