“Fear Was In Me And That’s Why I Used Weed” Lady Bee Talks About Her Dark Past


Secular artist turned gospel Lady Bee was the first (Between her and Size 8) to see the light and cross over to the other side. Hers however was not publicized as much. Never the less she has held the faith and continues to preach the good news through her songs.

Lady Bee got to share a bit about her life before salvation and from the look of things, this was a good move in her life. In a post shared on her social media, she captioned,

“Ever since I gave my life to Christ,many things have changed in my life ?I used to worry alot about how things will work out,I was so afraid ??fear was in me and that’s why I also used,kindukulu,ombitho,ndom,weed? to give me courage even to believe things are alright?Unajua ukiwa muoga wa kitu hujui inakufanyaga unajificha kwa mambo mengine? wengine,pombe,usherati,wizi yaani shetani hakosi department yakukupa ili ufeel uko poa upate moral kumbe yee hanaga ukweli wowote “

Some of the songs she has since released include Yesu, Kila Goti, Matunda and Nakiri

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