Fans Blast Willy Paul For Boasting About Buying His Mum A Phone

Willy Paul

Yesterday, controversial gospel musician Willy Paul made an unintelligent post on his social media which made him an easy target to Kenyans on social media forcing him to instantly pull it down but the damage was already done.

In the post, the young artist boasted about relaxing at home after buying his mum a good phone,

“Relaxing home after buying my mum a Samsung edge 8… God keep blessing me and my fans.. Call me pozze mtoto wa Salome”

Almost immediately, fans started attacking him for boasting about something as small as buying his mum a phone, something that resulted into the artist pulling down his not so smart post.

Here are some of the comments that stood out,

Looks like the comments got to him as he seemed to hit back at each comment in an attempt to silence the attackers.

I hope next time he will think twice before doing some random posting

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