Family ‘Hawks’ Last Born Son In A Desperate Bid To Find Him A Female Suitor


When you reach a certain age, your family begins policing your actions and working you up with questions such as ‘uta oa lini?’ ‘Utahama lini?’ ex-cetera. This family didn’t beat about the bush and went ahead to boldly solicit a wife for their 26-year-old last born son on social media.

The internet has lately been abuzz with news of a certain family that took to social media to ‘auction’ their last born son, Gift Mirie Mwaura to potential female suitors. Gift who is a Day Star graduate has immediately become an internet sensation due to the poster.

Turns out, that the poster was a creation of gift’s twin brother as revenge to get back at Gift for his previous similar stunt. While speaking to Nairobi News, Gift revealed that the poster has garnered him a lot of attention, he said;

” My phone has been ringing off the hook, I am getting 300 notifications a day on Facebook by ladies who are interested”

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