Ezekiel Mutua Now Goes For Alcohol Companies In Ads Crackdown


Ezekiel Mutua, through a board that he heads has managed to bring sanity to Kenya’s Television and Film industry by cracking the whip on producers of immoral and erotic content on Kenyan Television. The Kenya Film Classification Board(KFCB) CEO has sailed into the murky waters of yet another looming controversy after issuing a seven-day ultimatum to Alcohol manufacturers to stop advertising their products during certain hours of the day.

According to Ezekiel Mutua ,the decision was met following incessant complaints from the public .In a statement released to media houses and the general public, the no nonsense KFCB CEO informed alcohol manufacturers that the advertisements were produced without proper filming licenses contrary to the Part II(4) of the Film and Stage Play Act Cap 222.

Films board now targets beer companies in adverts clampdown

Kenya Film Classification Board(KFCB) has written to Alcohol makers among others East Africa Breweries Limited, Africa Spirits Limited and Keroche Breweries Limited.

The board has also defined watershed period as from 5am to 10pm, time when children are assumed to be wide awake and exposed to television programming. The board has accused several Alcohol manufacturers of breaching the law and warned any which will fail to comply of dire consequences, which include prosecution in line with the Kenyan laws.

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