EXCLUSIVE! Disturbing Footage Showing Nairobi Diaries’ Luwi Fighting For His Life After Fatal Accident (VIDEO)

Luwi Capello

One of the Nairobi Diaries ‘actresses’ sent me a video earlier today and I had such a hard time deciding whether to share it on this platform or not.

By now I’m sure you are aware that Luwi Capello was involved in a grisly road accident on Monday and he’s currently fighting for his life at a private health facility in Mombasa.

It’s said the self-proclaimed bad boy was in the company of Colonel Mustafa at the time of the accident but the latter only got away with minor injuries.

However, Luwi was not as lucky and unconfirmed reports suggest that the doctors decided to induce a coma because he was in so much pain at the time of admission.

The video that we exclusively obtained shows the Nairobi Diaries star lying on his hospital bed with excess saliva coming out of his mouth as if he was choking.

In the video, Luwi is seen gasping for air and breathing heavily. He is really in need of our prayers if the video is anything to go by. Spare a thought for him.

Watch the video below.

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