Esther Arunga’s Husband Quincy Timberlake’s First Wife Emerges


A woman by the name Rose Mueni has come out claiming that Quincy Timberlake had married her for ten years before he left her for Esther Arunga. In an interview with the Nairobian, she says she met Quincy in 1999 and had three children with him but in 2003 things started taking a different turn. Quincy used to travel outside the country on business trips and at one time she noticed how his trips would be longer than usual  being away from home for three months.

Rose had no clue whatsoever of the saga that involved Quincy and Joseph Hellon and only knew about it on the day they were arrested  for running an illegal church/cult and taken to Industrial prison where she bumped into Esther Arunga. She says that she was surprised to learn of Quincy’s and Esther’s marriage but there was nothing she could do since he claimed to have fallen out of love with her and wanted to start a new life with Esther.
The mother of three moved out of their South B home into a smaller house where things went from bad to worse, sleeping on an empty stomach and even being kicked out for lack of rent.

She says that this affected their children in a big way who were left with numerous questions as to why their own father would abandon them, she continuous to say that she already forgive Quincy and would take him back if he ever asked for forgiveness.


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