Drunk or high? Why not both? ?

A craft brewery backed by two prominent CEOs of Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed companies has launched South Africa’s first beer made with cannabis as an active ingredient

The brewer has received a line of funding from prominent Durban based businesspeople‚ including RCL Foods CEO Miles Dally and Spar CEO Graham O’Connor.

Poison City Brewing started selling a lager containing hemp, a variety of the cannabis sativa plant largely devoid of mind-altering ingredients, in liquor outlets from September‚ according to the company’s co-owner‚ Andre Schubert.

The Poison City Cannabis IPA (India Pale Ale)is described as being a balanced American-style ale with powerful aromas and flavours.

According to the brewery’s website, this hemp-infused beer has the flavour of Cannabis Sativa which compliments the taste of hops.

Schubert confirmed that the beer was released nationwide in September, and is available for consumption, nationwide im South Africa.

Durban Poison Cannabis Lager contains no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) so, no, drinking this beer won’t get you high.

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