Drama Galore As Michelle Yola Threatens Prezzo With a Restraining Order


I honestly feel like we are now part of Michelle Yola and Prezo’s relationship. The couple cannot seem to keep their private life private, especially Yola. Just yesterday we learnt that the two had called it quits yet again after publicly declaring their love by getting tatoos of each others names.

Michelle Yola seems to be bitter with Prezzo after he cheated on her and has been sharing screenshots of their conversation on Instagram. Prezzo has been apparently been cheating on Yola which isn’t so surprising since we all know that how he rolls. Michelle confronted the other woman who confirmed that Prezzo has been hitting on her and had even planned on taking her to Dubai.

In a long post she says she is tired of being the main and is now looking or a sponsor. This might be another publicity stunt the two are just pulling on us but who knows?

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