Drake Steps Out In ‘Kitenge Suit’, Memes Ensue


H.A.W., or Houston Appreciation Weekend, fourth year festival took place a few days ago. For those not yet in the know, Drake started this festival in 2014 and the party features celebrities performing concerts and participating in baseball and basketball games.

Anyway, we don’t care about his concert here. But his dress code to the event. Drake stepped out at the community barbecue wearing a Kitenge suit shaped in the form of a Kaunda suit.

And Kenyans couldn’t take it, as they related to his outfit more than the rapper did.

Kenyans on social media went ahead to poke fun on his look and pose, saying he looked like a church usher or an mca from huko bundu.

Check out some of the most hilarious memes, that only a kenyan would understand.





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