Do You Know The Whereabouts of This Man? Mike Sonko Has a Reward of 50,000 Shillings (Photos)


I’ve said this before and will still say it again, any ma that hits a woman no matter the circumstance is a coward. I never get it why in this day and age men have the audacity to lay their hands on a woman, ladies need to know that once a man hits you he will most likely do it again.

One Mike Sonko is a very angry man today after visiting a certain domestic violence victim in hospital after her husband attacked her yesterday and left her to die. One Simon Kiarie brutally attached his wife and slashing her arm. The suspect later fled and police are currently looking for him.

The senator went on a rant on his social media pages condemning this heinous act and went ahead to offer a prize of 50,000 Kenyan Shillings to anyone with information of the whereabouts of Mr. Simon Kiarie. The victim remains under supervision at the Nairobi Women Hospital.

Ladies, please remember that the same hands that caress a woman should never hit her.


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