1 FM radio presenter Davidson Ngibuini Gikandi AKA DNG has fired shots at one of his ex-lover who wasn’t impressed by his hustle.

The popular radio presenter took to social media to share how his ex-girlfriend put him down for having a van while other older men were living lavish and driving fancy cars.

Without mentioning who exactly the woman was, DNG said that she always put him down and compared her with men who had more money.

“A woman I loved once told me that I wasn’t shit because I used to drive ‘mummy vans’. She used those words to describe the Activation Vans we hire out to our Corporate Clients @254EntOfficial. Our business may not be prestigious, but it pays.  Our small, legitimate hustle is what God ordained. It’s what He put in our hearts. It is what He has & will always use to bless us & elevate us,” he said. 

DNG’s outburst comes after he bought a brand new Mercedes Benz C200 that he has been showcasing on social media for sometime now. He urged others who might be undergoing the same to solder on and ignore the naysayers.

“Spitefully, she then went ahead to compare me to the older men who her friends were dating & sleeping with (MPs, Governors, Nigerians & Somalis) who would dish out cash left & right. I told her it was unfair to compare me to men who started working before I was born. We parted ways, but I knew one day, I’d achieve everything she said I never had

“Moral of the story: Never let anyone break your spirit. Never let anyone put you down. Embrace your humble beginning & work towards greatness,” He captioned.

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