Gospel DJ Mo is set to join a stream of other entertainers who ditched the entertainment industry for politics.

The DJ in an interview revealed that he’s thinking of a better platform to mentor the youth and where else will that be other than politics. Asked whether he’s planning to join politics soon, he said:

“Yes, to just help the youth,” replied DJ Mo. 

Mo also shared that he might be thinking of adding baby number two with Size 8 now that their first born Ladasha Belle Wambo is all grown up. Wambo was born on 2015.

“Growing the family we leave that to God, but we wouldn’t mind another one.” he said. 

DJ Mo now joins former KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo who also said that she might join politics later after exciting media. She’s also planning to mentor youth through the platform.

“I just want to see whether they will deliver on the promises they made to young people. I am really looking at the young politicians, the likes of Babu Owino, Jaguar and Caleb Hamisi and I hope that they can deliver to some extent. If they can, then I will know there is hope for other people like me who would want to represent young people or Kenyan women in another platform. It’s not alien to me but I’m waiting to see.” she said. 

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