DJ Krowbar and His Family Relocate To South Africa


Gospel music in Kenya has come a long way, artists no longer sing how they used to back then. Ask a person over the age of 40 what they think about today’s gospel music and many will give  not so positive comment. Today gospel musicians are in it for the money and fame, just look at their lives outside church and you’ll understand what I mean.

One fo the most respected and talented gospel music deejays DJ Krowbar has come a long way. The now highly sort after deejay started off his career on a low but got into the limelight after the Pilsner Mfalme competition which he won a few years ago. From then there was no stopping for him, booking gigs with mammoth crowds, tours in and out of the country and to eve hosting TV and radio shows was his daily routine.

DJ Krowbar married to Joy Karosh have to beautiful daughters together and minister to many as a couple. The turn table master together with his family just recently relocated to South Africa where they will be living. This is there first week there as a family and they all seem to be enjoying it.

We wish them all the best and hope to be seeing them around when they visit.

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