“You Are A Disgrace To All Men” Boniface Mwangi Lashes Off Twitter Bigwig, Here’s Why!

Boniface Mwangi

Kenyans on twitter woke up to nudes trending online this morning, after one of the bigwigs who goes by the handle @kimindiri leaked them. Many have expressed their disgust with his immature actions and among those is Boniface Mwangi who went ahead to blast him off with a tweet using his personal account.

Here’s the starehe MP aspirant two cents on the issue.

KOT were also disappointed with the bigwig and couldn’t hold it in. They all went ahead to troll the bigwig. Check out some of the tweets below

No.Did he take the nudes and send them to himself?Why would an adult take a picture and send it to someone called kimindiri?

The ni**a should be arrested.there is another side of the story too.

Agreed. Plus all his followers & all the men who RTed the posts & cheered him on.

Oh yes. Put him in his place.

It’s in public domain no secret is between more than one person who started it all?Expose n it’l spread like red active erupting volcano!

HAHAHHAHA umecatch kwanini nudes sell my friend… accept it and move on

He is a disgrace…yet he isnt the only one.Such prejudices against women leave alot behind 2be desired.I wish cld close hs account

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