Diamond Reveals He Still Meets His Ex-Girlfriend, Wema Sepetu In Secret


Before Zarimond became a thing, Diamond Platnumz was head over heels in love with Tanzanian beauty, Wema Sepetu. Things were fine up until the two publicly split, after which the two went their separate ways.

Well turns out despite their fall out, they two still keep in touch, Diamond Platnumz recently revealed in a interview.

“Wema Sepetu and communicate a lot on Phone. We also meet up time and again, but away from the presence of media or people knowledge. We have really matured. Each of us is concentrating his or her relationship. But the nature of our relationship is purely hinged on elevating each other’s business,” said Diamond speaking to Cloud FM.

Apparently Wema Sepetu is the genius behind Diamond’s newly launched perfume’s catch phrase, ‘the scent you deserve.’

“That explains why Wema helped me to come up with the catch phrase “ The scent You Deserve of my fragrance line,” the singer went ahead to reveal.

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